ZXY x ZDHC Implementation Hub

Meet the author

Chaminda Hesiri Subasinghe

Global Quality, Compliance & CSR

ZXY International has recently held a webinar on the ‘Supplier to Zero’ program in partnership with ZDHC Implementation Hub. The purpose of the webinar was to onboard the initiative with our key vendors and suppliers to support them and us in protecting our environment with a streamlined approach to sustainable chemical management. 

The webinar was attended by 100 participants, including key spokespersons from ZXY representing different ZXY teams like Compliance, Lab, Technician, multiple Business Units and related 35 vendors-partners. As representatives from ZDHC Implementation Hub, Geert van den Hoek and Sinem Akkocaoglu joint hosted the webinar.  

During the webinar, Mou Nath, Chief Sustainability Lead of ZXY, talked about the ZXY roadmap 2025 and 2030 to eliminate hazardous chemicals from our supply chain. 


“We are very much committed to working together to build up a completely eco-community among all our supply chain. Being a friend of ZDHC is a step forward for us to make sure that our environment is clean. We are not using harmful substances or chemicals which will have an impact on our environment and whole livelihood.” said Mou Nath. 

Anuj Sharma, Chief Operating Officer of ZXY, thanked ZXY supplier-partners for joining the program. He also shared the willingness of ZXY Compliance and Commercial teams to support suppliers in addressing our collective challenges in this endeavour of being responsible for a cleaner environment.  

When discussing beneficial strategies for the chemical management system, our ZXY colleague, Mahmudul Hasan Milon, Sustainability and Compliance Manager of ZXY, emphasised potential success facts and benefits and briefed our program supplier-participants about their expected engagement and contribution in it. 

“In the future, I do believe that this Supplier to Zero program will increase our suppliers’ production efficiency and reduce related business risks. At the same time, it will help our suppliers to have a clearer understanding of ZDHC guidelines for CMS and other areas of improvement; so that our products remain well-aligned with global legislations,” said Geert van den Hoek.

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